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Construction SOPs - Warranty Phase

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SOP-WP-01 : Warranty Management


Construction SOPs - Standards

SOP-ST-01 : CADD Standard Manual
SOP-ST-02 : Exterior Signage and Wayfinding Guidelines
SOP-ST-03 : Fluorescent Light Bulb Disposal
SOP-ST-04 : Interior Signage Guidelines
SOP-ST-05 : Landscape Master Plan & Design Guidelines (DRAFT)
SOP-ST-06 : Providing Room Type Information
SOP-ST-07 : Record Document Standards
SOP-ST-08 : Room Type Standards
SOP-ST-09 : State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) Compliance
SOP-ST-10 : Specification Manual Standards
SOP-ST-11 : Way Finding Signage Standards


Construction SOPs - Design Phase

SOP-DP-01 : Asbestos Abatement
SOP-DP-02 : Contractor Parking and Staging
SOP-DP-03 : Construction Document Review and Approval
SOP-DP-04 : Document Approval Levels
SOP-DP-05 : Design Document Review and Approval
SOP-DP-06 : Electronic Submittal of Design Documents
SOP-DP-07 : Equipment Add-Update-Retire Template
SOP-DP-08 : Estimate Review and Approval
SOP-DP-09 : Fire Alarm System Design, Construction, and Commissioning
SOP-DP-10 : Grease Traps
SOP-DP-11 : Interior Design Team Member
SOP-DP-12 : JOC Job Order Negotiation
SOP-DP-13 : Lead Abatement
SOP-DP-14 : Locks & Keys Services
SOP-DP-15 : Processing Asbestos Notification and Fees
SOP-DP-16 : Project Delivery Method Selection
SOP-DP-17 : Registered Industrial Plant Program Process
SOP-DP-18 : Renovation and Renewal (R&R) Guide
SOP-DP-19 : R&R Project Submittal
SOP-DP-20 : R&R Budget (Five Year Plan)
SOP-DP-21 : Utilities Design Review


Construction SOPs - Administrative

SOP-AD-01 : AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center Projects
SOP-AD-02 : Client Satisfaction Survey
SOP-AD-03 : Document Archival and Retrieval
SOP-AD-04 : Document Approval Levels
SOP-AD-05 : Faculty Building Advisory Committee Project Review
SOP-AD-06 : Federally Funded Projects
SOP-AD-07 : Food Service Establishment Projects
SOP-AD-08 : Green Fee Projects
SOP-AD-09 : HUB Procedures
SOP-AD-10 : JOC Project Life Cycle
SOP-AD-11 : Liaison with Colleges and Auxiliary Units
SOP-AD-12 : Mentoring Responsibilities (Construction Coordinators)
SOP-AD-13 : Project Delivery Checklist
SOP-AD-14 : Project Funding
SOP-AD-15 : Project Funding Request Process Table
SOP-AD-16 : Project Initiation
SOP-AD-17 : Requesting Project Approvals Greater than Board of Regents Standing Authorities
SOP-AD-18 : Security Procedures
SOP-AD-19 : SOP Approval Process
SOP-AD-20 : Time off Requests
SOP-AD-21 : Travel and Mileage Reimbursement

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Construction SOPs - Construction Phase

SOP-CP-01 : Capital Project Closeout
SOP-CP-02 : Change Order Justification
SOP-CP-03 : Corrective Action Log
SOP-CP-04 : Excess Funds Transfer
SOP-CP-05 : Incident Investigation Procedure
SOP-CP-06 : JOC Contract Approval Authority Levels
SOP-CP-07 : Large Delivery Vehicles
SOP-CP-08 : Outage Request
SOP-CP-09 : Safety
SOP-CP-10 : Sole Source Justification

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Construction SOPs - Accounts

SOP-AC-01 : Role of Accounts
SOP-AC-02 : Accounts Organizational Structure
SOP-AC-03 : Accounting Metrics
SOP-AC-04 : Salary Processing
SOP-AC-05 : Various Governing Acts
SOP-AC-06 : Provident Fund
SOP-AC-07 : Employee State Insurance
SOP-AC-08 : Insurance Requirements
SOP-AC-09 : Intellectual Property Rights
SOP-AC-10 : Asset Management
SOP-AC-11 : Cost Reduction Initiatives
SOP-AC-12 : Service Tax Procedures
SOP-AC-13 : TDS procedure
SOP-AC-14 : Professional Tax
SOP-AC-15 : Value Added Tax
SOP-AC-16 : Luxury Tax
SOP-AC-17 : Registration


Construction SOPs - Finance

SOP-FN-01 : Account Set-up
SOP-FN-02 : Account Distribution and Adjustment Form
SOP-FN-03 : Petty Cash Purchase
SOP-FN-04 : Cash Receipts
SOP-FN-05 : Travel Advance and Reimbursement
SOP-FN-06 : Accounts Payable Voucher System

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Construction SOPs - Human Resources

SOP-HR-01 : Recruitment Process
SOP-HR-02 : Joining Formalities
SOP-HR-03 : New Employee Orientation
SOP-HR-04 : Employee Personal File
SOP-HR-05 : Salary Processing and Disbursement
SOP-HR-06 : Provident Fund
SOP-HR-08 : Employee Benefits
SOP-HR-09 : Tracking items issued to employees
SOP-HR-10 : Leaves
SOP-HR-11 : Organization Code Of Conduct
SOP-HR-12 : Grievance and Complaints Procedure
SOP-HR-13 : Performance Appraisal, Increment and Promotion
SOP-HR-14 : Grooming Standards
SOP-HR-15 : Health And Safety
SOP-HR-16 : Interaction With Guests, Managers and Colleagues
SOP-HR-17 : List of Employees
SOP-HR-18 : Attendance And Time Office
SOP-HR-19 : Asset register
SOP-HR-20 : Professional Development and Training
SOP-HR-21 : Disciplinary Proceedings
SOP-HR-22 : Exit and Retention Policy
SOP-HR-23 : Transfer Policy
SOP-HR-24 : Travel Reimbursement Policy
SOP-HR-25 : Rewards and Recognition
SOP-HR-26 : Employee Suggestion Scheme
SOP-HR-27 : IT, Email and Social Media Policy

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Construction SOPs - Operations & Maintenance

SOP-OM-01 : Terminologies in Operations & Maintenance
SOP-OM-02 : Roles & Responsibilities Of Operations & Maintenance
SOP-OM-03 : Preventive Maintenance Program for Air-Conditioning
SOP-OM-04 : Preventive Maintenance Program For Water Heaters
SOP-OM-05 : Preventive Maintenance program For Electrical & Electronic Equipment's
SOP-OM-06 : Preventive Maintenance Program For Furniture
SOP-OM-07 : Windows and Glass pane maintenance
SOP-OM-08 : Maintenance Forms
SOP-OM-09 : Maintenance & Safe Operation Of Vehicles
SOP-OM-10 : Signages within Pleasant Days
SOP-OM-11 : Maintenance of Pool side area
SOP-OM-12 : Maintenance of Gym
SOP-OM-13 : Breakdown Maintenance in Occupied Room
SOP-OM-14 : Interaction and Co-ordination with Other Departments
SOP-OM-15 : Maintenance & Upkeep of Fire Extinguisher
SOP-OM-16 : Generator Maintenance
SOP-OM-17 : Utilities Management
SOP-OM-18 : Asset & Equipment legal Compliances
SOP-OM-19 : Operational Safety of Gas & Electrical Equipment in Production Areas
SOP-OM-20 : Inspection & Maintenance of Drainage Systems
SOP-OM-21 : Rain Water Harvesting
SOP-OM-22 : Green Initiatives Within Pleasant Days
SOP-OM-23 : Pest Control in Pleasant Days
SOP-OM-24 : General Precautionary Actions
SOP-OM-25 : Handling of Locks and Key
SOP-OM-26 : Control of Inventory and Spare Parts
SOP-OM-27 : Maintenance Registers & Records
SOP-OM-28 : Painting & Renovation
SOP-OM-29 : Closets, Washbasins and Bathtubs Maintenance


Construction SOPs - Stores

SOP-ST-01 : Receiving and Processing of Incoming Goods
SOP-ST-02 : Materials Return
SOP-ST-03 : Inventory Management
SOP-ST-04 : Storage of Materials
SOP-ST-05 : Preservation of Materials
SOP-ST-06 : Issue of Materials from the Store
SOP-ST-07 : Stores Accounting
SOP-ST-08 : Scrap Management
SOP-ST-09 : Stock Verification
SOP-ST-10 : Safety of Stores
SOP-ST-11 : Security of Stores

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Construction SOPs - Purchase

SOP-PD-01 : Processing a Purchase Order
SOP-PD-02 : Ordering Supplies from the Warehouse
SOP-PD-03 : Just-In-Time Office Supplies Program
SOP-PD-04 : Vendor Application and Database Management
SOP-PD-05 : Gas Receipts and Vehicle Repair Log
SOP-PD-06 : Procurement Checklist
SOP-PD-07 : Measure A—Procurement Requirements
SOP-PD-08 : Surplus Property
SOP-PD-09 : Requesting a Purchase Order for Goods
SOP-PD-10 : Routing of "Payto" Requisitions and Invoices

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Construction SOPs - Sales & Marketing

SOP-SM-01 : The Sales and Marketing Organization
SOP-SM-02 : Sales and Marketing functions
SOP-SM-03 : Terminologies in Sales and Marketing
SOP-SM-04 : The Sales Process
SOP-SM-05 : Negotiation Techniques
SOP-SM-06 : Customer Relationship Management
SOP-SM-07 : Effective Techniques in Sales
SOP-SM-08 : Marketing Techniques
SOP-SM-09 : Customer Service in Sales
SOP-SM-10 : Credit Policy
SOP-SM-11 : Booking Policy
SOP-SM-12 : Cancellation Policy
SOP-SM-13 : Discount Policy

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