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SOP-PR-01 : Routine Operational Incidence
SOP-PR-02 : High Profile cases and Operations
SOP-PR-03 : Police staff and General Matters
SOP-PR-04 : Policy Matters
SOP-PR-05 : Releasing Photographs and CCTV Images
SOP-PR-06 : Withholding Information
SOP-PR-07 : Pre-trail and Pre-Verdict Press Briefings
SOP-PR-08 : Responding to inaccuracies
SOP-PR-09 : Media Protocols during Election
SOP-PR-10 : Liaison with Local Press
SOP-PR-11 : Taking the media on Police Operations
SOP-PR-12 : Reality TV Shows
SOP-PR-13 : Writing Books and Articles
SOP-PR-14 : Intranet Publishing
SOP-PR-15 : Internet Publishing
SOP-PR-16 : Contractors and Publicity
SOP-PR-17 : Freedom of Information
SOP-PR-18 : Internal Investigation and Discipline
SOP-PR-19 : Media Advise and databases of lines to take
SOP-PR-20 : Press Identification Cards
SOP-PR-21 : Promoting Institutions Work and Achievement
SOP-PR-22 : Public Scrutiny

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