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SOP-LA-01 : General Laboratory Safety
SOP-LA-02 : University Safety and Waste Handling Document
SOP-LA-03 : Laboratory Water
SOP-LA-04 : General Labware Cleaning Procedure
SOP-LA-05 : General Autoclave Operation
SOP-LA-06 : Bottle Autoclaving Procedure
SOP-LA-07 : Waste Autoclaving Procedure
SOP-LA-08 : Ambient Waters Microbiological Procedure
SOP-LA-09 : ISDS Microbiological Procedure
SOP-LA-10 : Total Suspended Solids Analysis
SOP-LA-11 : Alkalinity and pH Procedures
SOP-LA-12 : Biochemical Oxygen Demand Procedure
SOP-LA-13 : Chlorophyll-A Analysis, Welschmeyer Method
SOP-LA-14 : Chloride Analysis
SOP-LA-15 : Ammonia Analysis
SOP-LA-16 : Orthophosphate and Nitrate + Nitrate Analysis
SOP-LA-17 : Total Phosphorus and Nitrogen Analysis
SOP-LA-18 : Salinity Analysis
SOP-LA-19 : Enterococci Analysis using Enterolert IDEXX Method
SOP-LA-20 : Analytical Balance Calibration
SOP-LA-21 : Heterotrophic Plate Count



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