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SOP-DS-01 : Functions of Dietetic Services
SOP-DS-02 : General Procedures & Policies
SOP-DS-03 : Procedure for Canteen Operations
SOP-DS-04 : Diet Chart: Anti-Obesity Diet Chart
SOP-DS-05 : Calories Chart
SOP-DS-06 : Diabetic Diet Chart
SOP-DS-07 : Hepatic Diet Chart
SOP-DS-08 : Lactose Free Diet Chart
SOP-DS-09 : Low Cholesterol, Low Fat, High Fiber Diet Chart
SOP-DS-10 : Low Protein
SOP-DS-11 : General Diet Recommendations for Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients
SOP-DS-12 : Roles and Responsibilities of Dietitian
SOP-DS-13 : Patient's Inquiry Proforma
SOP-DS-14 : Diet Requisition Form
SOP-DS-15 : Format for Agreement, if Outsourced

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