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SOP-OT-01 : Services offered by Operation Theater
SOP-OT-02 : Policies to be adhered the Operation Theater
SOP-OT-03 : Operation Theater Procedure
SOP-OT-04 : Roles and responsibilities of In-Charge Operation Theater (O.T.)
SOP-OT-05 : Roles and responsibilities of O.T. Technician
SOP-OT-06 : OT Register
SOP-OT-07 : Non-consumable Stock Register
SOP-OT-08 : Consumable Stock Register
SOP-OT-09 : PAC & Operation Notes
SOP-OT-10 : Anesthesia Record
SOP-OT-11 : OT Charge Slip
SOP-OT-12 : OT Drug Charge Slip
SOP-OT-13 : Operation List Proforma
SOP-OT-14 : Blood Requisition Form