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SOP-IP-01 : Grooming Standards
SOP-IP-02 : General Procedures
SOP-IP-03 : Admission Procedure
SOP-IP-04 : Discharge Procedure
SOP-IP-05 : Ward Transfer Procedure
SOP-IP-06 : List of Important Instrument Sets
SOP-IP-07 : Infectious and Isolation Policies
SOP-IP-08 : Infection Control Policies
SOP-IP-09 : Roles and responsibilities of Nursing Staff
SOP-IP-10 : Roles and Responsibilities of Resident Medical Officer
SOP-IP-11 : Duties and responsibilities of Ward Assistants
SOP-IP-12 : Maintaining Patient File with Case papers
SOP-IP-13 : Nurses Report Book
SOP-IP-14 : Ward Inventory Book / Sheet
SOP-IP-15 : Emergency Medicines Stock Register
SOP-IP-16 : Patient Case Sheet Papers
SOP-IP-17 : Patient File Folder
SOP-IP-18 : Face Sheet / Admission Discharge Summary
SOP-IP-19 : Patient Consent Form
SOP-IP-20 : Patient Treatment Sheet
SOP-IP-21 : Doctor's Oder Sheet
SOP-IP-22 : Patient Temperature Chart Maintenance
SOP-IP-23 : Input – Output Chart
SOP-IP-24 : Certificate for Admission
SOP-IP-25 : Referral Sheet
SOP-IP-26 : Charge- Slip- Indoor Patient
SOP-IP-27 : Operation Theater Charge Sheet for Procedure
SOP-IP-28 : Operation Theater Charge Sheet for Medicines / Drugs
SOP-IP-29 : Patient Visit Record –Doctor
SOP-IP-30 : Post Acute Care & Operation Notes
SOP-IP-31 : Nurses Notes / Vital Sign
SOP-IP-32 : Blood Requisition Form
SOP-IP-33 : Discharge Booklet
SOP-IP-34 : Investigation Record Sheet
SOP-IP-35 : Subsidy Application- For the underprivileged