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SOP-AC-01 : General Billing Guidelines
SOP-AC-02 : Computing Gratuity
SOP-AC-03 : Billing for patients
SOP-AC-04 : Cash Management
SOP-AC-05 : Concession policy for the underprivileged
SOP-AC-06 : Roles and Responsibilities of Cashier
SOP-AC-07 : Roles and Responsibilities of Accounts Officer
SOP-AC-08 : Cash Voucher formats
SOP-AC-09 : Receipt Book
SOP-AC-10 : Clearance Form
SOP-AC-11 : Full and Final Settlement
SOP-AC-12 : I Owe You
SOP-AC-13 : Indent for Cash
SOP-AC-14 : Local Conveyance Bill
SOP-AC-15 : Over Time Sheet
SOP-AC-16 : TA Bills format
SOP-AC-17 : Salary Slip formats
SOP-AC-18 : Sundry Debtors Report
SOP-AC-19 : Daily Wages Payment Format
SOP-AC-20 : Indoor Bill
SOP-AC-21 : Subsidy Application
SOP-AC-22 : P & L Statement
SOP-AC-23 : Bank Accounts Book
SOP-AC-24 : Cheque Records Register
SOP-AC-25 : Doctor's Professional Income Calculation Sheet

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