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SOP-BB-01 : Facilities and Functions of Blood Bank
SOP-BB-02 : Services offered by Blood bank
SOP-BB-03 : Procedures to be followed in Blood bank
SOP-BB-04 : Donor Card
SOP-BB-05 : Donor Register
SOP-BB-06 : Record Register- Blood Component
SOP-BB-07 : Record Register- Outside Blood
SOP-BB-08 : Laboratory tests on Donor's Blood
SOP-BB-09 : Blood Requisition Form
SOP-BB-10 : Laboratory Tests on Recipient Blood
SOP-BB-11 : Compatibility Record
SOP-BB-12 : Issue Register
SOP-BB-13 : Adverse Reaction Report Register
SOP-BB-14 : Quality Assurance Records
SOP-BB-15 : Daily Assessment Register
SOP-BB-16 : Blood Bank Register
SOP-BB-17 : Blood Cross- matching Report
SOP-BB-18 : Blood Requisition Form
SOP-BB-19 : Blood Return Form
SOP-BB-20 : Blood Component Register
SOP-BB-21 : Records of Blood and Components received from Outside Source
SOP-BB-22 : Record of Recipient
SOP-BB-23 : Issue Register
SOP-BB-24 : Report on adverse reactions and record of their investigation
SOP-BB-25 : Quality Assurance Records
SOP-BB-26 : Compliance – Local Govt. grant of licence application
SOP-BB-27 : Compliance – Renewal of license to operate a blood bank for preparation for sale or distribution of its components
SOP-BB-28 : Compliance – Certificate of renewal of license for manufacture of blood products
SOP-BB-29 : Certificate of approval to storage center for storage of whole human blood or its components



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