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SOP-PC-01 : Emergency Department
SOP-PC-02 : Reception and Treatment of Patient in ER
SOP-PC-03 : Process Flow for Medical Patients in E.R.
SOP-PC-04 : Process Flow for Surgical Patients in E.R.
SOP-PC-05 : Intensive Care Unit
SOP-PC-06 : In-Door Patient Care
SOP-PC-07 : Out Patient Department
SOP-PC-08 : Procedure Room
SOP-PC-09 : Endoscopy Room / Electrocardiography
SOP-PC-10 : Pathology Reception
SOP-PC-11 : Radiology Department
SOP-PC-12 : Ultrasound and Doppler Examination
SOP-PC-13 : Cleaning and Washing

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